DCG Rentals is a separate division of Damien Cole Group. We specialise in modern refrigerated van rentals and refrigerated truck rentals in Perth.

Damien Cole Group was established in 1966 by Damien Cole as a business primarily in the rental of Wheel Loaders to the Mining Industry. We sold our tractor rentals business in the mining industry in 2013.

DCG Rentals is involved in the rental of refrigerated transport vehicles. We intend to rapidly expand into this market, having all the infrastructure and technical expertise “in house” at our South Guildford works.

We are a locally owned family operated company, which is ‘owner driven’ to give service and response. In now 52 years Damien Cole Group has always provided solutions to customer problems, whilst the competitors are just getting out of bed or on ‘hold’ on a 1300 number in Sydney.

We are offering...

Late Model Low Mileage vehicles In perfect condition Fast response (24hr number)
Reliable refrigeration Based in South Guildford Clean vehicles – every time Minimal signage – easily blanked out

Customer Benefits…

  • Refrigerated from plus 4o to minus 28o
  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • Short or long term rentals
  • Instant Response
  • Deal with owner direct
  • Ideal for multi drop


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